Org design, on a mission.

We work with teams to turn big dreams into actionable strategies, shape new offerings, and create lasting social impact.

Past Work

Our Offerings
What we offer

Ethnographic Research

Learn directly from the people you serve and understand where the true opportunities lie.

Systems Mapping

Visualize the landscape you’re operating within and develop a grounded change model.

Service Design & Prototyping

Storyboard the full user journey and test it rigorously before you make any 
major commitments.

Strategic Planning & Org Design

Create a playbook for your team, guiding you to a clear org structure, roadmap, goals, and budgets.

Rollout Design & Facilitation

Get your whole team on board with custom designed decks, workshops, booklets, posters, and more.

Our Why

Making an impact should be more









We believe that meaningful change is possible when strategy, resources, and ingenuity align. Whether working with a non-profit or a multi-national corporation, we’re passionate about helping organizations shape society for the better.

Our approach to service-design stems from this belief, and our core values:


We work side-by-side with your team, your customers, and the communities you exist to serve.


We cut through the noise to find simple and sticky solutions that work for you and your audience.


We marry idealism and pragmatism to drive change, and keep you moving towards your north star.

Who we are

We are former social-impact executives with a passion for helping organizations better address real human needs.


Joseph Weissgold

Designer, Educator, and Social Entrepreneur


Daria Lombroso

Strategist, Ethnographer, and Storyteller

We pride ourselves on being proactive communicators, trusted facilitators, and experienced strategic advisors.

Past Work

We’ve worked with social entrepreneurs across industries to address some of society’s biggest challenges.

We partner with you to ensure that you're left with all the tools you’ll need to execute powerfully on your own, with a plan that is clear enough to follow, but adaptable enough to weather even the most unpredictable storms.

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Connecting an art museum to its community.

One of the world’s leading fine art institutions was setting out to refocus on the needs of its community.

We worked with the museum’s new CEO, executive team, and staff from across departments to articulate a purpose, mission, vision, values, and strategic plan. We then led roll-out of the strategy, offered leadership trainings with DEI integration, and hosted an ideation summit for the team.


Bringing inspiration into the public school system.

An education non-profit operating in several major U.S. cities had big ambitions to scale further, but was in need of a tighter service model and a more cohesive strategy.

We drove projects in market research, service design, strategic planning, impact assessment, and built out a multi-year training program with research-backed tools and materials to support their rapidly growing staff working in schools.


Transforming politics by supporting state reps.

A national non-partisan organization supporting state lawmakers was in need of a sharper vision and streamlined offering.

We worked with executive leadership to develop a strategic plan, restructure the organizational architecture, and launch a new house of brands. We also worked with them to create a modular script for their seminars setting them up to scale their offering.


Building a social-impact start-up incubator.

Alongside a team of social entrepreneurs, we designed and launched an impact-focused start-up studio with dedicated teams for social science research and for service design.

The studio developed ventures in a wide range of areas, including homelessness, basic income, end-of-life planning, purpose and human potential, aging and retirement, bipartisan dialogue, and the future of work.


Implementing ESG across a major financial entity.

A large-scale financial institution had prioritized ESG (environment, social, and governance) within its corporate strategy, but needed support putting it into practice.

We worked with the CSR team's leadership to refine their value proposition, helping them restructure their team for scale, training the team in new ways of working, and designing and leading change communications.


Launching a family office with funding for the arts.

Having successfully launched several digital marketing companies, a lifelong entrepreneur was looking to refocus on his patronage of the arts and on several new business ideas he'd been playing with.

We worked with him to craft a vision for a family office with an embedded venture studio, establishing its first leadership team, strategic plan, and operating model, remaining hands-on through launch.

Our process involves creating visuals every step of the way  to ensure everyone feels clear and aligned.